Cheapest Houses in Nairobi

Owning your own house has always been easy and simple only that you don’t know. Digro squired investment has catered for everyone who has always wished to own his/her own house and live Rent Free. We are here to help, we have a platform that will enable you own a house a 15km radius from Nairobi CBD. All you need to do is register as a member then from there we will guide you how to go about it. We have an ongoing project in Kiambu, KIST. Feel free to contact us on +254 723 545 204 | +254 704 128 969 | Email: for any question or assistance.

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  1. hello i have learnt about but plz could you email me the current site you have either in thika kiambu or mombasa. also how can you make arrangements for a meeting with some of my colegues,.



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