Imagine, Owning Your Dream House At Ksh. 100 Only?

Final Drawing For the Ongoing Kiambu, KIST Project.

Imagine, Owning Your Dream House At Ksh. 100 Only?

If you still believe that owning a house in Nairobi and its outskirts is a thing of the wealthy, then you are wrong. Yes, you are because time has changed and so have the ways of doing things especially when it comes to investing in a house. And thanks to Digro Squired investment; the only company that has made it a reality for you to own a house unit by unit starting with 100 bob only.  Read on to understand how to go about this:


Join Digro Squired Investment Online Platform

You want to make the ownership of your house a reality by first joining the Digro online platform. And this is not rocket science;  you will become a member by registering at a small fee which won’t leave a dent on your pocket. There are many projects you are free to join and contribute according to your wish.


Secure A Digro Account

It beats logic to become an account holder once you secure membership at any group. Digro Squired Investment is not left behind in this because not only do you become a member here, you are also issued with an account where you will be depositing your money; at your own wish. Remember, every money you deposit assists you to secure a unit. And a unit is like a stone used in erecting the chosen housing project. So, the more stones secured will entitle you to become the sole owner of the house even if you are thousands of members.


Join Several Projects

You don’t want to secure membership and then just sit and wait. Because this is an investment, you are free to start owning a house from the very many housing projects that are ongoing. And even that one bob counts in the ownership of the house. You can contribute with as low as one shilling until the completion of the project. And you are free to commit your units at your convenience. The best part is that when committing your units, members of your project will be called upon to verify costing and other important aspects of the house, and then give you a go a head.


Own your house

Just like it was highlighted earlier, the more units you have the best for you to own a specific house. You have a myriad of options to select from when it comes to the houses. From the double rooms to bedsitters, to even four bedroom houses, the choice is all yours. Digro Squired Investment has made the ownership process easy for you. All you need to do is to check on your contributions; and if it is enough for say; a one bedroom house, then you are free to go for the house’s keys.


Tired of paying rent? Then this is a platform that will make your dream come true. You might choose to stay in your genuinely owned house or even rent it out and continue earning dividend from it. At Digro Squired Investment, we ensure that you walk away with at least 20% dividend earned from your total units. Feel free to contact us at and we will be more than willing to assist you.






2 Replies to “Imagine, Owning Your Dream House At Ksh. 100 Only?”

  1. Assuming I have deposited the 3,000 and I have secured a digro account 1.,will I be at liberty to choose where my hse will be and ie assuming I want kawangware 2. How long will it take me to contribute so I can start living there.

    1. Hello Lydia, sorry for our late response. First, you will be at liberty of choosing the location of your house depending on whether we have a project ongoing at that location. Secondly, You contribute whatever amount you can until you have saved enough to own the house. If you will not have completed your house will be rented out and you will earn dividends on your money until you have saved up enough to own your house. ^ Steve

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