what we do

Helping you find the property of your dreams. Creating real value in property.

Everyone has a wish or hope to make their life better. Could you have planned for the same? It doesn’t matter whether aged or newly employed; you too have a life to lead. But the question is, what is this you should invest in? If you are still doubting, then don’t worry because we at Digro Squired Investment have prepared something for you in regards to the must-invest-in; that is, our products and services. We boast ourselves in a few years of innovations in property management both here and outside the Kenyan boarders. And we are Digital Group Direct Growth Squired; meaning that our platform is online where all are welcome to become members.

DIGRO SQUIRED INVESTMENT is a new property management company with its own class of innovation in Kenya and beyond borders, which has adopted a new French System whereby we actualize your dream. “Moving away from landlord but still stay in apartment without paying rent which to many people is just a dream”

Our Vision

To be the first world digital property ownership company in Kenya.

Our Vision

Make your dream of house and property owning as easy as possible and to be transparent in management.

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Our Motto

Longest journey starts with first step, nothing is too big not to be achieved.

Since we started with this platform we have seen success after success through the power of faith and grace of God. We can only say its God because many thought that we were just day dreamers or very naïve because our prices seemed in-irrational or not possible but we delivered the first project of 160 houses both in apartments (100 units) and maisonette and bungalows of a price just less than 20% of the cost normally sold at market.


In Kiambu road just 12km from Nairobi city we gave 2bedrooms at less than a million Kenya shillings which is just like 15% of already built house.


Let say again the prices in Nairobi has been very exaggerated that make people shy away from the subject of owning a house in areas near town, this result in people to live in desperation.

You too can live in luxury today!


House and apartment ownership not a reserve for the wealthy

Are you one of the people who still think houses and apartments for sale or rent in Nairobi are a reserve for the wealthy? Or is it taking too long to save for your dream house in Nairobi and its outskirts? If your answer is yes, then time has come to breathe a sigh of relief with Digro Squired Investment. We are a real estate company with affordable land and housing solutions that can make you become a landlord with no time. Digro Squired Investments have adopted French housing model whereby people live together in apartments through shared costs. If you are still wondering how, then read on:

Cheap houses for sale in Nairobi

You are part and parcel of the project

At Digro Squired Investment we have an online platform called Digital Group Direct Growth Squired through which you become a member by registering just at a small fee. Once this is done, you are singled out to have the desire of owning your dream house. This is made possible by your unit by unit contributions to the plots as stone by stone in the building projects. With this platform, you don’t have to break the bank; In fact, with as little as Ksh.100 you are eligible to own a house. All you need to do is to remain active in your contributions. And you can own an apartment or other house configurations such as bed-sitter, all the way to four bedroomed house.

Security! Security! Security!

One thing any investor is afraid of is putting their money in something they are to lose or not benefit from. Worst still, dealing with unscrupulous product or service providers. With Digro Squired Investment, this is something un-heard of. Our platform is designed in a way that no duping can happen. And it is tailored to ensuring security of your investment.

Full control

As if the above security pointer is not enough, Digro has gone a step further to ensuring that members have full control of their accounts. In this case, no one else, apart from you has a say on your account. This is true until you decide to commit your savings to own the dream house. The best part is that before you commit, members of your project have to verify a number of things to make you eligible for the house of your dream. This way, you are ready to receive the key and ownership deed of your house. And all is not lost if your units are 1000 or slightly above. You can decide to rent the equivalent house unit and continue earning dividend. Interestingly, at digroinvestment.com this is 20%; you won’t find such anywhere else!

Portability and convenience

For some reason, you may choose to move to another area or transfer your ownership card. Our platform is flexible such that we can get you another house to meet your personal needs. At Digro Squired Investment we encourage you to register now for this and more goodies. And Lipa na Mpesa is the easiest mode of payment we have in place. You can reach us on +254 723 545 204 or +254 704 128 969 to guide you on how to register.

Project Completion

At the finish of the project if the units you committed is enough for e.g a 2bedroom you get your keys & Ownership deed. If you just put (1000) units the house is rented and you get divided which is not less than 20%; note better – there is no existing company in Kenya that can guarantee you that return. The maximum you can get is 10% per annum.

Once the project is complete the value of the units goes up with not less than 30% value i.e your 100/= becomes 130/=