Houses & Apartments

Live in prime areas, rent free, for as low as 1M only!

Kiambu Phase I

Located just 3 minutes from Kiambu Institute Of Technology, the apartments offer prime living, modern amenities and are spacious enough for your whole family!

starting price: Kshs. 1.5M

Kiambu Phase II

Located just next to the Phase I, the apartments come in better layouts, bigger spaces and top amenities including a lift, power backup and plenty of parking space.

starting price: Kshs. 2M

Ruaka Phase I

Say goodbye to rent and hello to home ownership! We present to you, Ruaka Phase I, a modern, smart living and luxurious French style housing model located in the prime Ruaka area.

starting price: Kshs. 2M

Jungle Park Estate

Welcome to Digro Jungle Park Estate! A private gated community tucked away in the heart of Kiambu, with 18 projected units. Enjoy perfect sunset views and barbecues on the rooftop.

starting price: Kshs. 8M