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  1. To become a member you must pay 3000/= on our pay bill 702876
  2. The purpose for joining the group is for building and buying property only
  3. The period of payment is between 1-5 years which after 5years the contract may change. As long as you are active the price offer remain
  4. There is no refund for money contributed unless you request by writing a letter in 3months time after completion of any ongoing project

4b. the party in breach shall suffer 20% the value of agreed price of the property

  1. If the company breach the contract the company shall return all monies contributed plus 20% the cost of the property plus other loss incurred
  2. The house are developed with simple finishing only, any extras shall be paid by purchaser/purchasers this include custom needs
  3. Common areas to be managed by Digro hosing or any other company appointed by Digro squied Investment
  4. The service charge for the houses is 1500per month/ per unit any parastatal services to be paid by individual owner of each unit
  5. The company lawyer is SK Amani Advocates but any person I sat liberty to interpretation from individual lawyer
  6. Every person is entitled to all document i.e. Offer Letter, Agreements Contracts/Allocation Letter and any other relevant papers or receipt
  7. The title deed to be processed at the end of completion of a particular phase, the time may vary between 6month to 1year
  8. Any uncommitted money in the portal wallet will automatically be committed to use and considered as committed
  9. Any other agreement shall be in writing and be annexed to main contract
  10. No one shall affect the free construction of any project by court cases cause the property belongs to many thus not let other people suffer his or her misunderstanding
  11. Digro holding | Digro squired company are sister and they will only hold the property in Trust of the purchaser in Trust
  12. If you don't keep to terms of payments of a certain project, You will get penalties, not below 15% of whatever balance you have not contributed on time.
  13. Each unit selected on the portal is independent and so it should be treated as such even if it belongs to the same person
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