Why Should You Invest In A House With Digro Squired Investment?

There comes a time when investing in a house is mandatory especially if you have been dreaming in owning one or many. This dream can turn true if you plan well in advance and engage a genuine and experienced property management company. Digro Squired Investment stands out from the rest for many reasons and here is why:

Own a house for sale in Kiambu, pay half the price. Kaa smart!

You save 80% of your money

Ever heard of a contractor with whom you can invest a minimum of Ksh.100 and still own your dream house? Then this is possible with Digro Squired Investment because with a hundred shillings you secure a unit, where a unit is a stone used to construct the house. You actually own a house unit by unit;  upon registration to secure membership. Membership fee is vital but it can’t call for breaking the bank to find it. And not only that, you can continue contributing any amount even if it means a shilling to increase your units. The cost of erecting this house is always shared among your project members.

You have a wide range of houses to choose from

 One thing that gives Digro Squired Investment a plus is its ability to allow its members to choose a house that matches their units. You can own a double room, four bedroom or any other house if your earned units do correspond to the house in question. You are encouraged to aim even higher because by  joining different housing projects you will make this a reality. The other best part is that you can also choose a location of your intrest within Nairobi CBD, or its outskirts.

Your Money is secure

Many are times when investors get concerned about their hard earned money. While this is true, with Digro Squired Investment, there is no cause for worry because your money is safe althrough, and it is only you who can decide what to do with it. The Digro Security System is tailored in a way that you have full control of your account until a time when you choose to commit the units to own your dream house. And this process has to go through verifications and costing, which is done by the members from your housing project, before you are given the key to your house.

You earn dividends

 Once you have been given the keys to your house, you are the one to decide what to do with it.

Most people are tired of paying rent. If you are one of them, then this is a house to live in for the rest of your time. You can also choose to sell and earn a lot of money. The other option is to rent it out and become a landlord. The good thing about this is that you also earn dividend; which is 30% of your investment.

As you can see, Digro Squired Investment is your best bet to turn your house dream to reality. If you have questions, you can reach us via +254 723 545 204 | +254 704 128 969, or visit our website at  http://www.digroinvestment.com/

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