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We Are

Digital Group Direct Growth (DIGRO) Squired

The most trusted real estate company with its own class of innovation in Kenya and beyond borders. Let our family guide your family the way home. Find cheap houses and apartments for sale, plots and land for sale and products sourcing from overseas.

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Everyone has a wish or hope to make their life better. Could you have planned for the same? It doesn’t matter whether aged or newly employed; you too have a life to lead. But the question is, what is this you should invest in? If you are still doubting, then don’t worry because we at Digro Squired Investment have prepared something for you in regards to the must-invest-in; that is, our products and services. We boast ourselves in a few years of innovations in property management both here and outside the Kenyan boarders. And we are Digital Group Direct Growth Squired; meaning that our platform is online where all are welcome to become members. We offer the following products and service:

Houses For Sale Land & Plots For Sale Product Sourcing

Houses For Sale

Live In Luxury, Rent Free. Pay From 100 Bob!
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Land & Plots For Sale

Cheap Plots & Land For Sale In Nairobi and Outskirts.
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Product Sourcing

We assist our members in sourcing for products from countries such as Dubai, China, UK and India.
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Capability Statement

DIGRO SQUIRED INVESTMENT is a new property management company with its own class of innovation in Kenya and beyond borders, which has adopted a new French System whereby we actualize your dream. "Moving away from landlord but still stay in apartment without paying rent which to many people is just a dream"


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